How well do you know Jaiden Animations

This quiz is about an amazing youtube animator, Jaiden Animations. You'll be asked easy questions about her videos (Well, they will be easy if you've watched them paying attention)

Go check out Jaiden's channel on youtube, and make sure to subscribe if you like her videos, she appreciates it. She's funny and entertaining. If you're bored, one of her videos is the cure.

Created by: Laura
  1. In a video, Jaiden mentions that an old lady sees her in the distance and thinks she is another girl. What was the other girl's name?
  2. What was Jaiden's first VidCon?
  3. Is Jaiden married?
  4. Who's Ari?
  5. Choose one
  6. Jaiden has a song with Boyinaband. What's its name?
  7. Who did Jaiden animate for before she started her own channel?
  8. Why is it funny that TheOdd1sOut nominated Jaiden for the 7 Day Vegan challenge, baby (solves all yo' problems)?
  9. What is the "Hide and Pee" video about?
  10. Has Jaiden ever been to Canada?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Jaiden Animations