How much do you know YouTube?

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In the quiz you are going to take, you will be asked 10 questions to test your knowledge on YouTube videos. Now a thing to note is these are all people I personally am subscribed to. You might not know these people. And if you don't make a guess and go on. This is not a long quiz.

There are hundreds of thousands of YouTube creators in the world. In this quiz I want to see how many YOU know. If you read the paragraph above this, you would know these might be hard, but THIS IS JUST A GAME! Please do not get mad at me or other people around you if you fail. I know I sound like a mom, but I'm just saying.

Created by: Reagan McDaniel

  1. Who is that Swedish YouTuber that is really popular?
  2. Which YouTuber is known for their animations?
  3. Which one of these often misspells their own YouTube name (sorry this one is tough)
  4. Which creator has changed it's name?
  5. Which creators are female?
  6. Which creator does 50 ways videos?
  7. Which creator says the line "And I have a basketball game tomorrow" (from a vine) a lot
  8. Which creator plays The Sims?
  9. Which creator makes miitopia videos sometimes
  10. Who is MY personal favorite creator

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Quiz topic: How much do I know YouTube?