How Well Do You Know FNAF? (Lore)

Get know if your good at the FNAG lore most of these are from videos off YouTube which could incorrect. Theories you know. Am unsure what else to put so enjoy your day or night.

Don't stress have fun if you fail don't worry you can always make time later to sit down a learn it! YouTube is a great place to learn about it so check that out.

Created by: Alice
  1. Who is the man behind the slaughter? (reference ;))
  2. Who is inside circus baby?
  3. What was the bite of 83'?
  4. Why was lefty created?
  5. Who do you play as in FNAF 3?
  6. Why was the puppet created?
  7. Who do play as in FNAF 4?
  8. What is the scooper?
  9. Was the bite of 83 first or Elizabeth's death.
  10. Who is the oldest of the Afton children?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know FNAF? (Lore)