Which Popular Anime/Manga Is Best For You?

This quiz is exactly what the title says. For this quiz, I have chosen six of the highest rated mangas which are also animes in popularity. I've read and watched all of them and tons more, so much that it takes a while for me to remember a specific one.

This paragraph thing sux, you know? It sux. *drums fingers on nowhere-* so... hey, have you guys ever seen the smosh videos on youtube? Perverted sometimes but awesome. Okay, finished. Dammit, I have to do the closing.

Created by: Mythologyfreak
  1. What kind of person do you like best?
  2. Do you care about how the anime/manga characters look?
  3. Which colors do you prefer?
  4. Which animal best suits you?
  5. Half of this quiz is over.
  6. What kind of weapon would you use?
  7. What would you do to the person you hated?
  8. Sign?
  9. What do you hate?
  10. Done!

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