How well do you know Smosh and Pewds

There are many YouTube watchers but do you pay attention and know as much as you think about them or are you just completely oblivious to the videos! Find out!

Have fun you will soon be finding out how much you really know about these famous YouTuber's are you really observant or do you just watch them for no reason what so ever.

Created by: Bethany

  1. When did start?
  2. What is pewds worst enemy?
  3. What are Ian's and Anthony's name?
  4. What is Pewds full name?
  5. Who has been Youtubing for longer?
  6. How many subscribers does Pewds have 2014?
  7. Who is Pewds wife?
  8. What is Ian and Anthony's ship name?
  9. What was Smosh's first video?
  10. Do Ian and Anthony have girlfriends/wives?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Smosh and Pewds