How well do you know Smosh?

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Smosh; a Youtube channel with over a million subscribers, wow! They've uploaded over 300 videos, and always have people laughing with them, over the years, Smosh has gotten bigger and better!

Are YOU a Smosh expert? do you know everything that there is to know about this famous youtube channel? Take this quiz, and you'll find out in minutes!

Created by: Smosher

  1. Alright, first question; When did "Smosh" Start making videos?
  2. Who are the creators or creator of SMOSH?
  3. Complete the sentence... (Hint, this is from A smosh Music video) How many fools can I kill today...
  4. Name the other channels that these youtubers have branched out on!
  5. Where does Smosh shoot their videos?
  6. What is one (I said ONE) of the most popular series in the Smosh channel?
  7. Smosh has a cartoon channel called "Shut Up! cartoons!" Which of these answers is one of the cartoons on this channel
  8. About how many subscribers does Smosh have?
  9. Ian's hair is...
  10. In Smosh babies, Ian is often referred to as;
  11. Alright, we're almost done. In Smosh babies, Anthony is most often referred to as;

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Smosh?