The Ultimate Janoskian Fan Quiz

This is for all you Janoskianators out there! The Janoskians a a group of 5 boys that film hilarious youtube videos and even make a few songs. They have nearly 2 million subscribers on youtube!

Are YOU a true Janoskianator? Take this quiz asking tricky questions that only a true fan would know. This is the ultimate Janoskian fan quiz! Good Luck!

Created by: Alissa
  1. What is Daniel's nickname?
  2. What is Jai's full name?
  3. Who has the shortest temper?
  4. Who has a dimple piercing?
  5. Who is the oldest?
  6. What nationality/s are the Brooks brothers?
  7. How long has James, Luke and Jai been best friends for?
  8. When was Daniel born?
  9. Which three boys dropped out of highschool?
  10. Which boy dated Kylie Jenner?

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