West Michigan Secrets

There are many smart people, but few can be considered to be a "West Michigan Secret Sluth". This quiz will determine whether you are a geninus at West Michigan's History.

Are YOU a "West Michigan Secret Sluth" Do you know the secrets that have yet to be told? Thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you'll find out!

Created by: Jennifer of wzzm13.com
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  1. What was John Ball's occupation?
  2. Who was the first mayor of Grand Rapids?
  3. Until 1880, what was the dominant ethnic group on the West Side of Grand Rapids?
  4. Who brought a bi-plane to the September 3, 1911 West Michigan Fair?
  5. What actor, who appeared in many films with Katherine Hepburn, was part of a Grand Rapids acting troupe early in his career?
  6. When was the first Festival of the Arts held in downtown Grand Rapids?
  7. At what Grand Rapids store did Betty Ford work?
  8. Who is known as the father of Grand Rapids' Boy Scouting?
  9. What were the L&L Jenison, F.J. Porter and W.H. Barrett?
  10. What three American Indian tribes are represented in the earth mounds in Ah-Nab-Awen Bicentennial Park?

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