How well do you know Michigan?

Everyone knows where Michigan is, but not everyone knows the basic stuff about it. This is just a 12-question quiz to see how much you really know. Are you a true Michigander? That just gave away one of the answers.

What is the capital? State bird? How much do you really know about Michigan? No fancy stuff, just the little things everyone should know about their state. If you live in Michigan, you should do well.

Created by: Karina
  1. List the largest cities by population from biggest to smallest.
  2. What direction do most people in Michigan say they're going for vacation?
  3. What do people from Michigan call themselves?
  4. How many great lakes does Michigan have?
  5. How many states does Michigan border? (including those touching the great lakes)
  6. What state do most people in Michigan look down on?
  7. What is the most well-known amusement park in Michigan?
  8. What is Michigan known as?
  9. What is the state bird and tree?
  10. What's the capital?
  11. What is the biggest great lake?
  12. Which TV host is originally from Michigan? (think "de"construction)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Michigan?