How Michigan Are U?

My personal favorite state is Michigan. I want to show the world(or at least anyone that takes this quiz!) how awesome The Great Lakes State truly is. When most people think of Michigan, they think of Detroit and crime and drugs and stuff. Well, we have more to offer than that. We actually have almost everything, from rolling sand dunes to high, rocky mountains; from small creeks and streams to huge expanses of lakes! Lets face it: Michigan's got A LOT!!!

Are you one of those people who thinks that Michigan is all about crimes and drugs and that kind of thing? Or are you that person who knows Michigan and its great natural wonder and beauty? Take this easy quiz to see if you are Michi-good or Michi-bad!

Created by: amazon
  1. What's the german place with Bavarian inn and Bronners called?
  2. So hows the economy in Detroit Metropolitan?
  3. What is Traverse City famous for?
  4. Name the Great Lakes.
  5. Are there mountains in Michigan? If so, where?
  6. Where is Detroit?
  7. Do you have memories of the woods and hiking trails?
  8. What Disney series was set in Detroit?
  9. What county is the "home of automation alley"?
  10. What is a "Tin Lizzie"?
  11. Where is Twilight star Taylor Lautner from?
  12. Fill in the sentence: the ____ Chain of Lakes.
  13. What us the state bird of Michigan?

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