Michigander Quiz

Very few people are lucky enough to be fron the greatest states in the country, Michigan! It is the Great Lake State, and the greatest State of all. We get drunk in barns, drink pop, vacation in the UP, go to the lake, camp in forests, jam to Ted Nugent, hunt squirrell, yeah we're f---ing weirdos.

Michigan is super awesome and everyone should love it and camp and go to the lake and drink pabst and bells oberon and love fall and getting snowed in and driving in blizzards and all that fun s---.

Created by: jenny
  1. What does UP stand for?
  2. Which is a local beer?
  3. Where is one of the best music venues in Grand Rapids?
  4. Name a popular West Michigan beach?
  5. Which is not a poplular Michigan Summer vacation spot?
  6. How do you know you dare snowed in?
  7. Where is MSU?
  8. Where is Western Michigan?
  9. Where is Grand Valley State?
  10. Where is U of M?
  11. Which isn't one of our 83 counties?
  12. What ship sank in Lake Superior?
  13. What is a Michigan Left?

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