How much of a Michigander are you?

There are a lot of smart people, but few know about Michigan. It is okay though you may actually know something about this boring state. If you don't oh well, no one else but me does.

Are you a true genius? Do you have the brain to take this well questioned quiz? Thanks for even looking at this quiz it must be hard to ask yourself if your smart enough to take this quiz.

Created by: amazon

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  1. What is Michigan's Capitol?
  2. Where is Detroit located in Michigan?
  3. What does the Mackinaw Bridge connect?
  4. What year did Michigan become a state?
  5. Why is Torch Lake called so?
  6. Why is Torch Lake called so?
  7. What year was the underground tunnel between Michigan and Canada built?
  8. What was the first University in Michigan? And what year was it built?
  9. What is the mode of transportation for visitors on Mackinaw Island?
  10. Who is the only president to be born in Michigan
  11. How long is the Mackinaw bridge?

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Quiz topic: How much of a Michigander am I?