michigander or wishing ya were?

Are you a michigander, or are you wondering what the heck a michigander is, take this quiz to find out! It could change your life!How much do you know about michigan.

Hmmm I dont know but you should take this quiz to find out whoo you reall really are do it youll be glad you did! This quiz will tell you your destiny

Created by: tess

  1. Faygo is
  2. a shopping cart full of empty pop cans is worth how much?
  3. when some asks you where you are from and theyve never heard of it what do you do
  4. Which one of these place are you more likely to visit on a nice summer day
  5. What is michigans nickname
  6. An empty bottle of Sobe is worth how much
  7. whats that nobbley pennisula just above the mitten
  8. battle creek is ...
  9. How do you pronouonce this word~ Mackinac
  10. cot sounds like caught! true or not true

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