Who Are You In MY School?

In this quiz, there is a somewhat unseen set of social groups in my school, each with its own very distinct traits and characteristics. The school in question is St.Xaviers Institution, located in the island-city of Georgetown, Penang Island.

SO! Which of the following will you be of? Those groups are: 1. The Intellectuals 2. The Outgoing 3. The Average or Typicals 4. The Sporting 5. The Trolls 6. The Dropouts Take this quiz and find out just WHO you are in SXI!

Created by: SPS
  1. How is your academic performance?
  2. Where are you positioned in your classroom?
  3. What kind of remarks or comments do you usually encounter in your report cards? (Pick the closest one)
  4. Before class starts, or during free time, what will you usually be seen doing?
  5. What has your worst offence in school been? Spanning from your first year to your current year.
  6. How often do you visit an internet cafe and what do you usually do there?
  7. Which of these would you join for as an extra activity?
  8. What is your career of choice? Pick the closest one available.
  9. What is your attitude towards cross country day?
  10. This is the last question; how did you like this quiz?
  11. Oh and before I forget, rate and comment?

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Quiz topic: Who am I In MY School?