How Michigan are you?

How michigan are you? well this test is specially desined to tell exactly how michigan you are. Have fun, and make sure you visit michigan! well i need to take up words so im just writing this to kill some space.

I bet you didnt know that there where a lot of famous people from michigan! Eminem, Thomas Edison, Kellog, and Henry Ford just to name a few. well i need to take up words so im just writing this to kill some space.

Created by: tyler
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  1. Do people constantly ask if you are from wisconsin, or chicago, maybe even newyork?
  2. Do you like pop?
  3. can you name all five great lakes?
  4. who is kwame kilpatric?
  5. when you talk, do your a's sound funny, or different?
  6. are bottle rockets legal?
  7. what is the capitol of Michigan?
  8. what's your favorite flavor of faygo?
  9. how about verners? do you like verners?
  10. how long is the mackinack bridge?
  11. how Michigan are you?
  12. what does LP stand for?
  13. whats do the UPers call us LPers? (hint: think about the bridge! i never heard this one until recently!the LP is under the bridge)

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Quiz topic: How Michigan am I?