Chicago Fire s01e01 quiz pilot

The name pretty much explains it. This is a quiz to test your knowledge on Chicago Fire Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot. (Please, watch the episode before you take this quiz, but most importantly, have fun.

This quiz will be about specific things that happen in this episode. There are 17 questions, they are either multiple choice, or true false. Have fun taking this quiz, and please remember to rate this quiz, or leave any comments, that could be helpful.

Created by: Kassidy
  1. On the way to the 1st call, Casey and Severide were joking about whether or not Dardin would make squad.
  2. Who died in the fire?
  3. Who is the candidate of truck 81?
  4. When Mills arrived, what task was he immediately given by Otis?
  5. Where did Dawson suggest that the cops should look next time for the shooter?
  6. What did Casey tell Mills in reference to him joining rescue squad 3?
  7. The mother and daughter were both saved, but the driver of the other car was ejected into the water.
  8. What did Dawson do, that ultimately saved the child's life, but was against the rules?
  9. Why did Otis want to not be called Otis anymore?
  10. Why was Heather upset when she got Andy's things from the station?
  11. What was in the bottle that Shay gave to Severide?
  12. When Mills asked Shay out, what did he discover.
  13. Bodin recommended Dawson involve her union representative because why?
  14. Why does Casey blame Severide for Dardin's death?
  15. Why does Severide blame Casey for Dardin's death?
  16. Bodin whens the boxing match.
  17. Herman falls through the floor at an apartment fire, but is saved.

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