Glee by the Episode

With a series of novels and its own Wii game, it's safe to say that Glee has become a phenomenon. Most Americans know something about the show, and the casual TV watcher knows who Rachel Berry and Sue Sylvester are.

But the question is are you the casual TV watcher or are you a "Gleek"? This quiz goes through every Glee episode from "Pilot" to "Original Song" and asks a specific question about each one. The questions are quite specific, so don't feel bad if you miss some.

Created by: Orthographer
  1. Season 1, episode 1: What does the show open with?
  2. Season 1, episode 2: What song does Mr. Schue want the club to sing at the pep assembly?
  3. Season 1, episode 3: What Vocal Adrenaline soloist warns the club against Dakota Stanley?
  4. Season 1, episode 4: Who does Kurt briefly pretend is his girlfriend in this episode?
  5. Season 1, episode 5: What is Rachel's favorite color?
  6. Season 1, episode 6: Who encourages Ken to propose to Emma?
  7. Season 1, episode 7: Which of these characters is never a member of Sue's kids?
  8. Season 1, episode 8: What is Rachel's favorite flavor of Slushie?
  9. Season 1, episode 9: Other than Kurt and Rachel, who briefly expresses interest in the Defying Gravity solo?
  10. Season 1, episode 10: Who is Quinn's ballad partner?
  11. Season 1, episode 11: What musical does Kurt reference when he gives Rachel a makeover?
  12. Season 1, episode 12: What company does the Glee club do a commercial for?
  13. Season 1, episode 13: Other than "Don't Rain on My Parade" and "You Can't Always Get What You Want", what song does the club perform at sectionals?
  14. Season 1, episode 14: Who does Finn sing "Hello, I Love You" about?
  15. Season 1, episode 15: Where do Rachel and Jesse go on a date?
  16. Season 1, episode 16: What does Quinn give Mercedes in the nurse's office?
  17. Season 1, episode 17: What musical character does Puck briefly imitate during this episode?
  18. Season 1, episode 18: What artist does Puck research in this episode?
  19. Season 1, episode 19: What does Will first plan to sing for his Les Mis audition?
  20. Season 1, episode 20: What does Shelby give Rachel?
  21. Season 1, episode 21: What do the Glee club boys in revenge for Jesse breaking Rachel's heart?
  22. Season 1, episode 22: What color are Vocal Adrenaline's costumes?
  23. Season 2, episode 1: What song does Tina sing at Asian Camp?
  24. Season 2, episode 2: What character does Finn claim he will always have feelings for?
  25. Season 2, episode 3: Which of the following does Kurt reference when talking about religion?
  26. Season 2, episode 4: What song does Brittany want to sing with Santana?
  27. Season 2, episode 5: Who first offers to play Frank?
  28. Season 2, episode 6: Who is one of the Warblers that Kurt first meets at Dalton?
  29. Season 2, episode 7: Which celebrity's autobiography do Kurt and Blaine discuss?
  30. Season 2, episode 8: What does Kurt feed the pigeons at Burt and Carole's wedding?
  31. Season 2, episode 9: Which character does not sing lead on any song during this episode?
  32. Season 2, episode 10: What movie is Rachel planning to watch on Christmas?
  33. Season 2, episode 11: Which character claims to like scarves?
  34. Season 2, episode 12: What plush animals do Kurt and Blaine look at at the start of the episode?
  35. Season 2, episode 13: Where does Sam plan to take Quinn on a date?
  36. Season 2, episode 14: Which songwriter does Rachel mention as an inspiration?
  37. Season 2, episode 15: Which character briefly thinks she's pregnant?
  38. Season 2, episode 16: What job does Quinn say she'll have in the future?

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