How Much Do You Know About The Twilight Movie??

This is a quiz on Twilight the Movie ! Think you know your facts ? Take this Quiz and find out !!! :D Good luck :D HOPE YOU ACE IT ! GO TWILIGHT !

Do you think you can ACE this quiz ? well you have to take it to find out ! Waddya know , ya may be a true Twilighter after all! Or you maybe not such a Twilight fan!!!

Created by: Haneesa
  1. Where did Bella Swan move from?
  2. What was the headline Eric wanted to use for Bella's headline for the school paper?
  3. Who did Bella accidentally hit when she opened the door to her new pick-up truck?
  4. What month was in when Bella went to Forks High School?
  5. Who else was working on the school newspaper besides Eric?
  6. What did Jessica describe Alice as ?
  7. What did Edward&Bella win in their Biology class?
  8. What was Edwards excuse for the change in his eye-colour?
  9. What did Bella order in the restaurant she went with Edward ?
  10. What did Edward say his skin represented ?
  11. Who asked Bella to prom?
  12. Who are the three vampires in the Cullen family which has special powers?
  13. Who are the three nomad vampires who interrupted the Cullen's baseball game?
  14. What did Laurent say about Victoria when he was in the Cullen's house?
  15. What was the last thing Edward said to Bella before Alice&Jasper drove her South?
  16. Where did Bella get bitten by James?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About The Twilight Movie??