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  • umm one of your questions is wrong

    bella is 17 in the first book because it takes

    place in the spring. then New Moon is in the summer && fall and she turns 18 in New Moon

    so the right answer is 17

    &&a mp; Edwards last name is Masen not Mason

    im not trying to be mean just helping
    thought it was a great quiz

  • LOL! I love Twilight too! I got 91% on the quiz! I should have gotten 100% though because the answer to Bella's age in the first book is wrong! The REAL answer is 17 not 16! So if that question would be right I would have got 100%. Anyways the quiz was incredibaly easy!

  • I heart Twilight!!! I guess that's so obi, 'cause I got 100%!

  • 100%!well,in the first twilight book,she is 17 because in new moon shes turns 18.not trying to be mean,im just saying.

  • Twilight=ah-mazy-zi ng! I got 91% too. I soo thought Bella was 17!

  • i love twilight :]

    Puppy xo1

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