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  • One of the best. The story was interesting. I'll bet it sucks to have your haed stuck between tow MOLDY trees. GROSS! Before I forget, you're welcome for being such a great listener. It's my pleasure because it might pay off later. I wish everybody was a great listener. I don't know why some people don't listen... actually I do: they're lazy and don't care about what people have to say. They don't want to help people because as long as they're happy, it doesn't matter how other people are feeling... or maybe they're deaf. This was a good quiz.

  • yay! one of the best! but i thot id b pretty good. i usually listen, but somtimes in class i tune out. btw, anyone can just go bak to the story and find the answer so i dont think that story thing was very good (even tho i new the answrs anyway.)

  • bad... yeah if your talking about something boring i just walk away

  • One of the best ^.^

  • XD i got the worst thing. But I am a good reader, I just dont listen.


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