How Forest City Are You?

There are many people who call themselves Forest City, but this term is often abused. This quiz is designed to test your knowledge on this dump we call our home.

Are You a true Forester? Do you think you have what it takes to roll with the punches and get all figgity like all of us. In just a few minutes, this quiz will test your knowledge.

Created by: Kathy Senny of Matt's Page
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  1. After a long night of drinking, where do you and your buddies go for breakfast in the am?
  2. What's the name of the man you will find sitting in front of the firestation everytime you drive by?
  3. Who cuts lawns wearing a gas mask, and sent his weedwhacker to get fixed in Syracuse
  4. Who is the mayor
  5. What do you do for fun on a Friday night
  6. Who is Forest City's most famous ambassador from Florida
  7. What is the one event you look forward to all year long
  8. Who's the best athlete to ever come out of FCR?
  9. Which of the following wasn't a name of a substitute teacher at FCR?
  10. What teacher at FCR doesn't play in a band?
  11. Who wasn't a principal at FCR?
  12. How many bars are located in Forest City?
  13. Where do you take a girl if you wanna hook up with them
  14. How many of the following bodies of water have you swam in (The Greenie, Lake Erie, Kennedy Lake, Lackawanna River)
  15. Of the following places, how many have you partied at (Donna Dooleys, Dogleg, The Pole Barn, Mooneys)
  16. Who got kidnapped at OHW by their father
  17. Who doesn't live on railroad street of the following people
  18. Who sits on the road and yells "Hi Angel"
  19. Who is your favorite cop?
  20. Which of the following cops shot a man?
  21. T/F...There are more churches in Forest City than Davis children

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Quiz topic: How Forest City am I?