The Mysterious Forest (prologue)

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Welcome to this quiz. I wont tell u anything about the plot, youll have to read for yourself. Im so happy, I got my quiz, Will you get your first kiss? , featured thanks to all the people who took it, THANKS!!

Its my first featured quiz so Im super proud!!! I hope you enjoy the story so I can make more. My series Love!!!! Will be continued when I recieve more comments, I feel like nobody is taking them at all! Oh well enjoy the quiz!

Created by: ILuvHolister

  1. Narrators POV: "Huff, Huff,Huff" your running. Running through a dark forest. Nobody else is there,but you sense your not alone. You stop running and rest under a tree. You hear a twig crack. You look around and dont see anythin out of the ordinary. You stand up with a start and hear another twig crack, this time you stepped on it. What happens next is wired in your brain forever.
  2. You hear footsteps and see a black shadow of a... Person!? You turn to run but it grabs you. Its hand freezing cold like ice. You try to break its grip, but your hand goes through its hand. Your eyes widen and you make a huge mistake.. you scream.
  3. Unknown Person, Creature Thing POV: It is so young. What is it doing in this forest. Oh no she screamed. I didnt want to hurt it, just to examine this human she is powerful. Is she even human? I know of another you is like her a boy who is now distant at a time of great need. Maybe this one will take his place? I must hurry the evil ones surely heard the scream by now. This young girl wont stay silent!!! Oh well I didnt want to have to do this,but I have to erase some of her memories for now though I must knock her out.
  4. Narrators POV: The spector knocks you out.The spector carries you to a small house. You cant see or hear anything you cant even sense movement. You see your life flashing through.One moment you are playing in the river with your parents then it begins to rain. You see your parents loving faces, their happy faces, their angry faces. Then screams your parents crying. Then blood, blood everywhere. BLOOD. You still remember the day that happened. Eventhough you were probably around seven at the time you knew that from that day on your life would never be as carefree. You made a promise that day by the makeshift graves you made for your parents. You promised to avenge them. (kinda like in that movie Underworld)
  5. But, from that day on you were never fully the same. Years past but you only grew stronger. You didnt know weither it was pain and anger that made you so strong or something unknown to you completely. You felt like a coward for running when your parents told you too and spying in the bushes on what was going to occur next. If you had just ran you would have been spared the horror of seeing your parents die in front of your eyes, but you didnt and it scarred you for life. It taught you the one rule you abide by in the lawless forest, Trust No one.
  6. You remember training for days. Archery, sword fighting, and other stuff after your parents died. You tried to live in the house you grew up in, but the sadness and guilt overwhelmed you. Everywhere you turned you saw your parents innocent faces. The same expressions as when you saw them die. From that day onward you lived in the forest and decided to trust no one. You had few relatives, but all were either insane or violent. So you ran, and ran, and ran. Thats what youve done for a while just run. The forest had many suprises that you encountered and each one you overcame. You grew and grew into a fighter someone who doesnt run.
  7. Your POV: I woke up in a room. My eyes were quite challenging to open. It was a struggle to just open my eyes. So I gave up and fell back into the darkness that is the confines of my mind.
  8. Cliffhanger!! So what do u guys think of this story?
  9. Skip the rest.
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