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  • Omg *slaps self mentally * I forgotten about the parents and her sister... Hey, when will he learn that she is the first ever, awesome, better, stronger, cross bread of all time :3 sorry, I brag about these too. Can't wait for part 4 buuttttt. For now I'm going to read with my dad even though I'm tooooo old for that but we're reading 'shatter me' for the thousandth time :P and I'll dream about the boy I read and the evil that could come.

  • Grr, I posted a comment yesterday but it seems to have disappeared *crosses arms* hopefully I won't have to re-write it again. Now I said before that this new guy is very Very VERY... hot THERE I SAID IT!! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?? So back to business. I don't think I posted a comment on the second one (not sure why, oh wait it was midnight my brain has the capacity of a starfish around then) anyways I really liked the pace of that and the initial reaction to GTFO of the laboratory. What else? Oh yeah now I had a thought. If people order these synthetic creatures... does that mean the hot, british synthetic vampire boy was ordered for something? Like say perhaps... as a boyfriend? Trust me, some people are that desperate for a sexy vampire boyfriend. I'm certainly not, I'm not a fan of vampires myself but someone with a few screws loose in the head just might... there's an awkward situation right there. In fact, if they're making robot creatures with feelings and then sending them out for employment, why did they give them personalities? Heck why do they even give them a name? (presuming the synthetic vampire guy has a name instead of a number code) Is there greater forces at work behind this project? How did this place start out? Who's running all of this? Is this place a secret or affiliated with the government? Are there protests against these synthetic creatures? What are their rights? Do they even have rights? Has there ever been a problem with one of these synthetic creatures? How many have been made? Is there a limit to how many should be made? Do these synthetic creatures live forever? What happens if one of them stops working? Do they get re-booted or do they get re-set? How efficient are the synthetic creatures memories? Can they be shut off or are they permenantly on? I have a lot of questions as you can see and hopefully they're answered in the story because I'm totally sucked in right now (ha, I'm a little punny today) Peace out!

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • You have really good vocabulary and it keeps me interested! But just make sure not to used " I..." in the starting of all your sentences. (: Loved it, hope you post part 4! Oh and I hope you have a storyline for this, and not just making it up as you go...

    Anyways, It was amazing, again top 5 story quizzes i've read, and ... HOT AND BRITISH (;

  • Huh, well accidently logged myself out... Now I have to type in my username and password... My password is so friggin long... Anyways can't wait for next part... I feel like I'm going to throwup though my stomach feels icky...

  • I'm wondering: What is new guy? I don't think he's human, and the main is supposedly the one and only of her kind, so what is he? And what is the british guy? PART 4!!!!!!

  • Hello tall dark and british XD okay all joking aside the guy is pretty nice and polite. Especially since I'm assuming he hasn't met a girl in his life (since he was made a week ago) although I'm curious why they made a hot, british, synthetic vampire... did someone especially order for one? and if that's the case what are they planning to do with a hot british syn- O.o Wait a second... does that mean... Oh my god O.o someone ordered a boyfriend didn't they? Well this is going to be awkward isn't it. Hopefully I'm wrong and this isn't going to touch base with possible rape :/ like I said... he's one week old and they do make them for labour... ugh hopefully not THAT kind of labour oh lord help him if that's the case. I liked this part it was nice and no he didn't come off as creepy (I have a personal solid definition of creepy and he's far from it) nice job and don't hesitate to make part 4 because I'll be waiting for it

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • I had an idea: John Lennon comes back to life, in 2112, (the year in the story) and he is added to the love story!!

    Beatle Obsessed
  • Sorry I missed the first 2 parts! I really like this series. I can't wait for the next one!

  • Love you! OMG! New guy... british? Pwease?


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