Announcement For All Users!

Hey, I'm KissMe'I'mIrish, and I was the author of the If You Follow a Rabbit series. My favorite color is purple, I love ice cream, my birthday is in October!

I have a very important announcement to make that all If You Follow a Rabbit readers HAVE to hear. So if you will please, just take your mouse and scroll down, you'll find out what it is.

Created by: KissmeI'mIrish

  1. Hey, I'm KissMeI'mIrish, as you may know.....
  2. And I have an announcement that has to do with If You Follow a Rabbit.
  3. I have decided to cancel it.
  4. I just don't feel like writing, I'm sorry to those of you who read it.
  5. But that's it, bye.
  6. Oh, but could you please read my friend's quiz, Never Again?
  7. Thanks!
  8. Bye!
  9. See you!
  10. Adios!

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