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Okay well this is an announcement quiz and also a quiz just to get out my feelings. (: Thank you for taking itt! I dunno but I was feeling angry , now I'm feeling hyper. I think making the quiz was a success! xD

Okay well La La La! Do you like Lemonade Mouth? I do! I like to watch cartoons as well. I remember when I was small, I used to have MASSIVE posters of Batman xD

Created by: Aria

  1. My name is Aria and I'll be your host for the day, as usual (:
  2. Okay, I'm sick and tired of life. I'm sick and tired of parents who disapprove of Harry Potter, and i'm SICK AND TIRED OF TWILIGHT FANS who HATE HARRY POTTER
  3. Does anyone realize how much Harry Potter means to us Potterheads? No, they don't. Oh my gosh! I can't get over the fact that Stephanie Meyer stole the last name "Black" from Harry Potter. That PISSES ME OFF!
  4. No one has seen me so angry before. Wow..Imma take a deep breath. Why is J.K. Rowling torturing us like that? Doesn't she know Harry Potter is our life? Doesn't she know that we grew up with Harry Potter? =O Oh lawdies! I think that someone who is REALLY REALLY RICH to make a next movie in Harry Potter. It's unbelievable !
  5. Okay, even if you've read the books, watched the movies and bought a whole lotta stuff about Harry Potter, that doesn't make you a Potterhead. You have to know every single detail about Harry Potter, even if it's the littlest thing! (:
  6. Okay, can someone help me? My emotions are getting the best of me, I have a history exam on Tuesday and I'm freaking out that Harry Potter is done. Nothing is going to change that. :(
  7. Okay now...I need some comments on my series "A Simple Hogwarts Story." I know most people don't read it, but I already have part four ready, i just need to type it up. The reason I asked for comments is because I don't know if I should publish it on the internet again. People don't seem to like it =/
  8. This is my last term in whatever grade I am in and this final exam is gonna kill me ! >.
  9. Okay well...I better go. There's something I was supposed to do for a gotoquiz user. Can everyone go check out "To Follow A Rabbit" ? It's an interesting quiz (:
  10. Okay well amigos, I'M GOne (: Adios!

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