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In the past,there is one supercontinent called "Pangea" which later,split into 2 continents and spread everything else to the 7 we all know today.We might never know how did antartica been made.....

Take this quiz and if you get a high,Shake hands and talk to the hands!For elsewhere,if you want an open mind,you must take this quiz to improve it all!So not all will pass and not all will fail.

Created by: BKPB58
  1. When did an earthquake devasted El salvador for the first time?
  2. Which person did he become prime minister again for Bulgaria in 2001?
  3. Which one of these dosen't recive any rain in one year at ALL?
  4. Which country is 100% semiurban?
  5. How many languages does Poland have?
  6. Which one of these countries haven't reach sea level?
  7. Which on these islands does NOT belong to italy?
  8. Which country has the bullet train?
  9. _______ is the richest country
  10. Which of these cities dosen't produce dairy products?
  11. Which of these countries still fight?
  12. Whats the name of the island that has been discovered in christmas day?
  13. At ____,East Timor is founded and its the youngest country now.
  14. What is canada most made of?

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