Red Hands part 2 is out!

I made part 2 of my new quiz series Red Hands, but it did not show up in the newest quiz list! Can you believe the nerve of that list? How rude! wordfiller.

This quiz is supper sloppy, I hope it doesn't cheapen the initial impression I gave you all! exclamation point!!! wordfiller wordfiller wordfiller wordfiller.

Created by: Weaux

  1. For some unknown reason, GTQ didn't feel like showing Red Hands part 2 In the new quiz list!
  2. I already posted the quiz yesterday, so go read it, BUT BEFORE YOU GO...
  3. I'm kidding, there's really nothing else to say here...
  4. I don't know what else to do... :T
  5. Your going to hollywood!
  6. Some stupid people where being mean to me in the forms :'P
  7. I really didn't want to make one of these, cause its just way to much trouble to go through when the quiz could've just shown up on the new quiz list!
  8. I have a pet snail...
  9. I found him on the sidewalk and his name is Parsley.
  10. Yes finally the end of the quiz! go take the part 2 NOW!

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