Boston Red Sox Quiz

"It will take a TRUE Boston Red Sox fan, (complete with a sense of satirical humor) to successfully pass this test!" Good luck and try not to screw it up!

"Do YOU have what it takes to be a Red Sox Nation member?, if so, try this test, hope you enjoy, if you don't, then screw you, you're probably a Yankee fan!

Created by: Jason
  1. Who is the Red Sox current Manager?
  2. What is the name of the right field foul pole at Fenway Park?
  3. Who were the Gold Dust Twins?
  4. Who was the the Red Sox manager in the 1986 World Series?
  5. Who is the Spaceman?
  6. How many World Championships have the Red Sox Won?
  7. Which Red Sox hit the tying three-run home run in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series?
  8. An easy one. Who is the Remdawg?
  9. Which Red Red Sox player has the team, single season Home Run record?
  10. Which side base line is the Red Sox dugout on?
  11. Where Is "Williamsburg"?
  12. Who is Bucky "f*&$ng" Dent?
  13. Complete the sentence. Roger Clemens is a(n)_______. (choose the best answer)
  14. In the 2004 ALCS, who stole the base that led to Sox being victorius over the Yankees?
  15. What song is played in between the eighth innings?
  16. Lastly, an easy one. Who is President of Red Sox Nation?

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