Ciuld You Be From Massachusetts?

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You may just be testing your knowledge on Massachusetts, or you wonder if you could live here. Yet again, you might be here because toy feel your place in Massachusetts has been called into question. Whatever your reason, this quiz will tell you.

Could you be from Massachusetts? That's why this quiz is here! If you ever wondered what state you belong in, this quiz will tell you if its Massachusetts in a few short minutes.

Created by: astrogirl

  1. What color is the line marking the Freedom Trail?
  2. Which is warmer? Bay Side or Ocean Side?
  3. Do people make fun of your accent?
  4. Which of the following is not a Red Sox player
  5. How's your driving? (If your not old enough to drive just answer what you think you'd do)
  6. Paul Revere lit the lanterns in...
  7. You were a lot of what in the Summer
  8. What do you wear in the fall?
  9. What do you wear in the winter
  10. How do you feel about the Yankees? If you don't like sports, just choose one based on what you know.
  11. The big white bridge in Boston is called...
  12. What is Boston known for?
  13. What is a big thing we have on the south shore?
  14. What is the State Muffin
  15. What is featured on the Massachusetts state flag?

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