DO U think U know about the GH Effect?

Every one is talking about the Green House Effect of GLOBAL Warming. What do you think about Green House Effect? How can we stop polluting the air and save the world? Can you be part of this consciousness?

Are you not concerned about GLOBAL Warming? Is it not time to think about saving the world for the next generation? This great quiz will let you know how much you can save this world?

Created by: Raji
  1. What is the most common greenhouse gas emitted from human activities?
  2. In which ways do we increase CO2 emissions:
  3. Greenhouse gasses are always bad for the environment?
  4. The Greenhouse gasses:
  5. I will use energy saving light bulbs, car pool whenever possible and recycle.
  6. Why did the Coolerz do the experiment?
  7. Which greenhouse gas did the cooclerz use more often?
  8. What are the 3 main components in the GH Effect?
  9. Does the GH Effect lead to global Warming?
  10. Does the Ocean act like a "sink"?

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