The chosen part ten

Hi, this is part ten of my 'The Chosen' series. I hope you've enjoyed the twists in my series and the people you've met on them. This one part is different to the others. It is the battle and it is LONG!

Recap - Alex has trained you for this fight, Blake tells you somethings about Theresa and her past. Seth legged it after you had yet again ANOTHER fight him! Are you ready for the fight of the quiz?

Created by: Dayna
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  1. The next day, it's a cold and windy day. You realise that you've been with the boys for two months. You thought you'd be in love by now, you are not in love!
  2. You look to your clock, it's seven in the morning, you get dressed and see the remaining 3 boys in the dining room. Michael leaves as you walk in, he's REALLY angry. Blake's normal but Alex is drunk!
  3. Later, Michael leaves. Then a few hours later, you, Alex and Blake all go to Theresa. This is where the fun will be!
  4. You arrive at an old mansion. It's huge and you realize this must be Theresa & Seth's home. You follow the two boys to a smaller building. "Where are we going?" You ask them. "We can't use the front door can we? We are going down the stairs in this room to the tunnel to the basement." Blake sighs.
  5. So you enter the room and go down the stairs. They aren't steep or cold. At the bottom you see a long dark tunnel. You and the boys walk down it.
  6. After about half an hour of a pitch black tunnel, you find a door. "Ok, this is it!" Alex says and then you here a voice, it's a girlwith some one you know... but who?
  7. You are WAY to angry to care who now. You burst in and see Michael. He's there with Theresa and looks very guilty. You march over there,sword in hand ready to kick @$$!
  8. "You are 'The Chosen' then?" She says in a high pitched voice looking at you. "Yeah, you that B**** who wants me dead?" You ask, in the same tone of voice. "Yeah, I know that I have what it takes to be 'The Chosen' my dear."
  9. You walk closer and send everything in the basement flying around, whilst it's in the air you notice it's all gold and red and antique. "What are you doing ____?" Michael asks you. "I could ask you the same thing!" You reply, You let every thing drop to the ground. You aren't tired or dizzy or ill. "Theresa wanted me to tell her about you." He sighs.
  10. The door opposite the one you came from opens and you hear Seth say, "Theresa, get here NOW!" Theresa panics and runs to him. Her violet eyes widen, and Seth looks at you. He pushes Theresa to the floor and steps over her, he gos to you.
  11. He grabs your arma just as he did the time before, he has a tight grip and he hisses "Kill me then." And you hiss back "Ok..."You use your powers but your arm hurts just as before.
  12. You use all of your mental and physical strength to Get into his mind, to poison his track of thought. To hur him were no one but 'The Chosen' can heal it.
  13. He lets you go, and he falls to the floor screaming, you run to Theresa and she is crying you stop running, she says "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have tried to kill you, you're stronger than I anticpated. Please stop hurting him! PLEASE!"
  14. "Why should I? He tried to kill me more than once, on YOUR ORDERS!" You scream. "Because I have NOTHING anymore, I hate Seth but he's all I have! Ever since Michael left me I've been so alone!"
  15. "No," You say. She says "Fine, I'll kill you, and leave Seth dying in the pain he trully deserves, and you wont stop me!" She uses her powers to form shadow-men. (Men made of shadows.)You, Alex, Blake and Michael fight them.
  16. Michael is unarmed and loses pretty quickly, Blake is fighting three Shadow-men and Alex is...scared? He's Terrified of this all, you thought he'd be great! After some time of fighting you get to Theresa, this is it! You send a luna orb (a white or made of Luna power) flying at her. It stops her summoning more shadow-men. She sends a bottle of blue liquid at you, This hurts ALOT as the bottle is made of glass. You fight and fight and fight.
  17. You hit her with every thing you've got, Luna orbs, books, antiques PEOPLE! But you know one thing will kill her most and that is a mental image. So being 'The Chosen' and all, it's easy. You search into your memories and find the one thing that would hurt her most...When her Ex who she still loves kissed you. You think about that image and force her to watch it. It's cruel but it might work. "What is this?" She asks you, "A memory of mine!" you reply.
  18. She stops it, she refuses to watch it. "THAT'S TO WEAK KID!" She cackles. So you decide to connect other peoples minds together, so you connect everyone together. They all see eachothers mind. The shadows vanish. Theresa cries and you see how vunerable she is...

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