The chosen part one

Ok, hi! This is my first quiz so I apologise now if it sucked. This is the same story type quiz as usual... kidnapping & 4 guys &1 house and so on and so on...

Ok you have the Alex - the arrogant one, Blake - the nice guy, Michael- the smart guy, and Seth - the emo. Who will you learn to like, if you will like any of them????

Created by: bubbygirl968

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  1. You are in your room and It's late. You live on your own so you can do pretty much anything. What do you do?
  2. You hear people whispering outside. You look out of your window and see a man looking back, what do you do?
  3. Then the glass in your window breaks. You black out. When you wake up you're in this room. It's a pale blue and you see a boy with dark blonde hair and glass green eyes. "Oh, you're up!" He laughs in suprise.
  4. Let's say you chose option 4. "I'm Michael. I'm sorry about last night but it's unsafe." "What do you mean unsafe?" You ask.
  5. "Well, I'm not mean't to tell you but you are the..." Michael begins then someone else comes in and yells, "You're gunna scare the hell out of her!" This boy has dark brown hair and Blue eyes. You can already tell he's ful of himself, "And I told you not to!"
  6. Then 2 other boys enter the room, you get nervous and the last one to entre the room asks if you are ok. You say yeah and youall head downstairs for an explination. "You ______, have powers, like us. But you are 'The Chosen'. You have a power no one else has, and that is the power of..." The red headed boy starts. "BLAKE YOU IDIOT! YOU FORGOT WHAT IT WAS?" The emo boy in the corner yells. "It's pshycic powers."
  7. "You have the strongest psychic powers there has ever been recorded." Blake sighs. You then burst out screaming "WHAT THE HELL? THIS BETTER BE A LIE OR I SWEAR TO GOD..." There ar 3 books in theair behind you, levitating.
  8. You apologise and ask "Im 'the Chosen' of what?" "You aren't the chosen of anything!" Alex laughs at you. "Except luna power..." Michael sighs, "Well, I best be off now. I'll be in the library if you need help." He leaves you 4 to talk.
  9. "Okay, the moon is giving you it's power. You energy comes from luna power, a power generated by the moon. Got that?" Blake asks.
  10. You say I guess. And you go back upstairs where you find Michael in the pale blue room, not the library. He is lying on the bed reading an book.
  11. "Oh, hi." He muttered as he noticed you. "Hi? Umm...I'm guessing this room is yours then, huh?" "Yeah it is. Look, they forgot to mention one other thing down there..."
  12. Who do you like so far???

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