The Love Story That is Yours Part 10

Alright so please comment and rate. Thank you to all who do. Shout out to: HogwartsLove, Horseluver, popbomb9, AiFiahK3mE, angelic4, _ViolaLover_, PuffBall, and all of y'all who take my quizzes. Danid: Blonde, piercing blue eyes, average height, and slightly muscular build. He is smart and kind.

Daniel: freckles all over his face, hazel eyes and brown hair that stops right above his eyebrows. He is average height and muscular. He is smart and sweet. Jake:tall, has black hair and black eyes that are or, at least one, is cover by his hair, and a lip ring. He is hot headed, and defensive. Ben:tall and skinny, he has dark brown hair that stops a little below his eyebrows and looked like a tousled mess but was cute on him with brown eyes that melt you. He is snarky and funny. Derrick: short but taller than you by a couple of inches and had brown hair that curled up at the ends, his hazel eyes looked joyful and had a bright smile. He is very slender but has a muscular build. He is rough, but kind and protective.

Created by: PersonXD

  1. You took in his appearance, he was disheveled, and his black hair was askew. With his eyes bloodshot, he stared at Danid. "______, I..." he looks at you silently pleading you to understand him. You shake your head utterly bewildered. Looking at Danid you understand, his vitals weren't stable; once he was brought in it was determined that he wasn't as healthy as we all thought. Jake and you stand silently watching Danid breathe, listening to the beeping. Jake was his best friend and as of late they weren't as buddy, buddy as best friends should be. Now faced with this he couldn't be ready to leave him.
  2. You pulled him close. You could see his black eyes, and the way the light shined off them was wonderful. You looked down and he pulled your head back up. He ran his fingers through your hair, which was a mess. Forcing you to look him in the eyes, he slowly moved into you, closing the inches. He moved slowly enough that if you wanted to, you could just back up or run. You didn't. "Jake, you need to talk to me. Don't be mad."
  3. He pressed his lips against yours, letting his emotions flood through him. You stand, not backing away, not shocked, and not believing. He pulls away. "______ I need you to know that I'm not sorry for what I said, but I'm not okay with us not talking." You swallow. "I...I need time, let me think." With that you turned and walked out.
  4. Once in the girl's bathroom you let out a frustrated scream. You turn on the faucet; your hair is a muddle. Your eyes are bloodshot and your white blouse is a wrinkled. You sit down and let the tears stream down your face. "Mom, what do I do? Dad I'm lost. I need you to. I need my family. AHHHGRRR!" You sigh.
  5. You make one attempt to make yourself look presentable. You pause before opening the door hoping above all that Jake is gone. As you are standing there you hear, "I see you're still hiding." You shudder and take one deep breath before walking in. He isn't gone. You turn to walk out.
  6. He grabs your arm, there is no escape. "Listen to me," he all but yells. "I like you, I know you don't like me, but I need to tell you. Just don't judge me like you know my story, you don't my family life, or why I'm like I am. I need someone to understand, maybe it's you but I'm not going to waste my time, alright?" You bite hard on your lip almost to the point where it bleeds.
  7. There are tears in your eyes. He jerks your head to him, once he sees the tears in your eyes he lets go. He shoves his face into his hands and walks out embarrassed almost. "I want to know," you say as he leaves. He pauses but doesn't turn back around.
  8. Alright, a lot happen between you and Jake, and yes this is incredibly short, but I wanted to get a part out. So this was rushed and probably sucks. So I apologize, I want to open this up to you guys, what do you think happened to Jake and his family? I have an idea of what happened but I want see what you guys think.
  9. I also want some ideas. So write a scene and post it in the comments. The scene must be done by February 28, 2012, and if they are good and fit with the story they will end up in here with full credit to whoever wrote it.
  10. Thank you as always for taking my quiz. Leave your comments and criticism, and always if you hate tell me. I have no idea what to do next so please help me out by posting a scene. Please comment and rate! Bye! ~XD
  11. P.S. Who do you love?

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