Somebody Special Part 11

GUESS WHO WON THE GAME? So the winner is in the results, and you have to read it! If you don't win, there will be another chance for you to get in the quiz. I promise! Just keep taking them! I love all of you! ♥

Taylor looks similar to Nick Santino,He has dimples, brown hair, he's tall and skinny, and he likes reading and drawing. Jerimiah is your best friend in the story. He has amazing skin, glasses that look adorable on him, and black flippy hair. He's hilarious and is an amazing singer. Dakota tends to wear his nerd glasses everywhere. He has brownish/black hair and has perfect teeth. Even if he doesn't look like it, he's really smart. & not to mention he's cute! Elijah is more of the athletic type. He has piercing blue eyes and brown hair, along with an irresistable charm. Jay is more of the musical type. He can play guitar and has black hair with some blonde highlights. He has dimples aswell and beautiful eyes. Matt is a new character with tan skin, brown hair, and forrest green eyes

Created by: dannicuhh :3
  1. The monster was about 50 feet tall at the most. It had sickly purple scale like skin with wild orange eyes. Strangely enough, the monster was dressed in a ripped up Vans t-shirt. I don't even wanna know if it was wearing pants or not. On his t-shirt was a name tag reading, "Hello! My name is Gus!" More like, 'hello! You should run away now or I'm going to eat you!' "WHAT IS THAT THING?!?!" Shouted Elijah. "It's a big butted fothermucker that's going to eat us alive!" Jerimiah yelled back at him. "It's a rare species of troll! They're called Maetryths! They can portray a human form and their children can turn invisible!" Explained Trixia, who was still badly injured but was hanging in there via piggy back on Jay. You got the canoes, but it really didn't seem like this Maetryth was afraid of the water.
  2. Apparently, Snuggles and Wall-E heard the commotion and were desperately trying to get to you guys as fast as possible. Bentley started paddling rapidly, but Gus was causing mini earthquakes within his steps, so it was making things 10x's harder. "It's no use!" Jenna screamed at Bentley. He nodded at her and they both charged at Gus. Wall-E and Snuggles finally got there, and as Wall-E was tending Trixia, Snuggles turned into an ancient Siberian Tiger and lunged at the monster. Bentley and Jenna both took out a sack of jelly beans, similar to yours, and they both ate one of a different color. Jenna ate gray while Bentley ate green. Snuggles was clawing and biting and stabbing and pouncing, but Gus was still going strong. You tried searching for Jenna and Bentley, but instead you saw 3 animals attacking a Maetryth. One was Snuggles, another was a big vulture, and lastly was a rhino.
  3. "Um, where'd Jenna and Bentley go?" You asked Wall-E refusing to believe what you were thinking. "I think you'll find out." He replied, bandaging up Trixia's leg. The rhino rammed Gus right in the thigh, and the vulture pecked at his eye, while Snuggles bit one of it's toes off. Sooner of later, Gus fell to the ground and turned into dust. Snuggles and the other two animals walked towards you guys, perspiring. Snuggles looked stressed. "Is everyone except Trixia hurt?" He asked. "Well Daniel was sort of dragged off of his feet. I suppose Gus ate him..." Dakota said shyly. You couldn't believe your eyes at what you saw next. The 2 other animals slowly transformed back into Jenna and Bentley. "What the spinach dip was that?!" asked a shocked Emma. "You didn't tell them yet?" Trixia asked Snuggles and Wall-E with a confused expression.
  4. "I was going to tell them when the time was right," Snuggles said, "but I guess this is the right time. I gave you those jelly beans for emergencies. If you eat a jellybean, you can become any animal you want as long as it coordinates with the color. If you eat blue you can become a water animal, green for a land animal, gray for a sky animal, red is for animals that were extinct but can come back to life if you let your soul be taken over by it. Purple is just for when you get hungry." "You can't just eat them whenever you want though. You need training. If you eat one right now you'd probably be sprawled on the sand begging for air and wishing that you were dead." said Jenna. "So when does training start?!" You asked excitedly. "Not for a long time. For now, you'll be using swords." Wall-E said. You sighed. We've just came from animal transformations to swords. "Wait, didn't you say that the Maetryth's children are invisible?" asked Valentine. "Yes, but they died along with their parent. If one Maetryth parent dies, their children die along with it. It's quite sad actually. Your lucky you humans don't function like that." Wall-E said.
  5. "We have to go. The agency is calling us." Trixia said. Everyone said their final goodbyes and instead of going back to the huts to rest, Snuggles ordered all of you to go back to the main land and look for suspicious stuff. You hesitantly got into the canoe, and Jay started paddling to shore. It was a silent boat ride. You could tell that everyone was preoccupied with their minds. ALthough Jerimiah would glance up at you every once in a while. He was so cute. You and Jerimiah were last to get out meaning that you two had to dock the canoes. Everyone said that they'd be waiting at the grill around the corner. "Well I guess all the canoes are docked so let's---" Your sentence was interrupted when suddenly Jerimiah planted one right on you. One of the best kisses ever. He pulled away with a smile. "I just had to get that out of my system." You couldn't help but grin. "Your glasses are a bit fogged up." you said with a laugh. "I know. It does that sometimes when I'm really nervous." He replied with a small chuckle.
  6. "I guess we should um, go the grill now." You suggested with a shy smile. You both linked arms like usual but this time it felt more...intimate. Well, it did for you. Jerimiah opened the doors of the 'Sea Grill' and let you go in first. Very gentleman like if you ask me. You spotted the group sitting at a big table with menus already in their hands. "Hey Jay, Do you think this salmon looks suspicious?" Joked Dakota as he pointed at a picture of a grilled salmon on a bed of fresh salad off the menu. "Yes, I think it does. We might need to get a closer look at it to be sure though." Jay replied, aplying along with a smile. You and Jerimiah took a seat with the group and you noticed that Emma was sending you some harsh vibes. Valentine leaned in and whispered into your ear, "Emma thought she forgot something in the canoe, and she saw Jerimiah kiss you. Not the greates idea in the world." You opened your mouth to reply, but no words came out. You just gave off a. "what? But I? He kissed me? She's really?" look. The waiter named Holly came by and took everyone's order.
  7. You took a sip of your lemony water as Holly walked into the kitchen. "Soo...quite a morning huh?" said Taylor with a small smile. "It was weird, but it was really epic." Responded Emma. "Ditto." Jerimiah added. Everyone looked down at their laps while Emma gave Jerimiah a scornful look. "Am I missing something...?" He asked nervously. "Excuse me." said Emma as she scooted out of her chair and stormed outside of the restaurant. "What just happened?!" asked a confused Jerimiah. "Um, well, Emma saw us kissing and now she's really pissed off." Holly came with a big smile and put down the food. "Anything else?" she asked. "uh, we're good. Thanks." Matt said. Holly gave one last grin and went to address another table. "Does she know that me and _____ used to like eachother and that the kiss was just unresolved feelings?" Jerimiah asked. "I think we left that out..." Elijah said, his voice trailing off as Emma walked back in and took a seat.
  8. She started eating her halibut, not making eye contact with anybody. For the next few minutes the only sounds were the chattering of other people in the joint and the clanging of silverware and plates. " I'm moving the date of my party because I think we're going to be busy for a while. It's now going to be on August 10. When it's a bit happier..." Valentine said unsure if she should have said it or not. "that's great." you croaked out. "Emma, Jerimiah said that he needed to talk to you when you got back." lied Matt. "k." Emma said as she went ouside and waited by the door. As Jerimiah got up he shook his head, "no, I didn't?" "you had to do it someday. So why not now?" replied Matt. Jerimiah joined Emma outside and he sat her down on the little bench by the restaurant. "I bet he's telling her about his unresolved feelings." you muttered a little disappointed. Valentine put her hand on your shoulder reassuringly and smiled. Sooner or later, Jerimiah and Emma walked back in and took a seat. No one asked what happened. You wanted to, but it didn't feel like the right time. Everyone continued eating their food and it wasn't until the bill came that you asked. "Well, Jerimiah said that we should be friends." she told you. "Did you agree?" you asked her. "yeah. I'm not looking for a relationship right now. Besides, he said it was unresolved feelings." Emma explained. "So...are we cool?" You asked. She nodded and gave you a smile. It wasn't very real though.
  9. You nodded, and decided to just let it go. You all walked out of the grill and went inside the gift shop to get some souvenirs. You got a little snowglobe, which is ironic because it doesn't really snow in Hawaii. You payed the cashier and decided to get some ice cream at an ice cream stand that was parked right by the beach. "Hi, can I help you?" asked the man that was running the truck. "Hold on, it's my break. My daughter will be here any minute now." The man said as he left the cart. As he said, a girl about your age came running down the beach in short shorts and a tank top and asked if you needed anything. "Sorry about my dad by the way. He works this thing all day. Here you go, one strawberry shortcake! Just like you asked." You smiled and unwrapped it. "Hey, do I know you from somewhere? You kind of look and sound familiar to me..." You said. "I don't think so..." The girl replied with a weird smile, as if she was taken aback by the misunderstanding. She had wavy brown hair, and perfectly toned skin. "Wait, what's your name?" You asked. "Junethea. Are those your friends?" she asked immediately after introducing herself as the group came to join you. "Yeah. Why? Are you interested in one of them?" You questioned. "Yeah, that one." She said pointing. "oh. I didn't know...okay." You said awkwardly as you went to introduce the group to her. "Hey guys, this is Junethea. And her dad runs the ice cream cart, and she likes girls." You said to them, stretching the 'girls' part to Valentine, whom she was interested in. "I like boys too. I'm bisexual." Junethea said, shaking Valentine's hand. "Hey, you look really familiar!" Emma exclaimed, squinting her eyes a bit. Worry struck Junethea's eyes, but it quickly faded. Matt was glaring at her, and she didn't seem to happy about him either. "We should go." Matt said coldly. "Ok. Junethea, do you want to come and hang out?" Dakota implied. "No, I don't think she does. Right Junethea?" Matt said. "Let's go guys." You followed Matt back to the canoes. "What was up with that?" You asked him. "You know how Emma said she looked familiar? Well remember those girls back in Florida that wanted to join us in swimming at the beach? She was one of them. Snuggles said to look for suspicious stuff, and I think that's pretty suspicious. Isn't it a coincidence that when we're in Florida, she's in Florida, and now that we're in Hawaii, she's in Hawaii." Matt explained. "So what does that mean?" Taylor inquired. "It means we have a traitor in this group. Someone has been giving off information so that it's easier for people to find us." With that, Matt loaded everyone in the canoes and started paddling. "But that doesn't make sense. None of us would do that to eachother!" Valentine said offended. "People can be manipulative. People can deceive you, and you won't even know it. People are liars, and people will do what they have to do to get what they want." Matt said darkly. After that, no one talked. The only sound was the crashing of the waves against the boat.
  10. You remembered the time when Director Jenkins said directly at you, "Don't trust anyone." Did he mean don't trust Matt? Or did he literally mean don't trust anyone? Everyone seemed so nice, but Matt was right. Some humans have twisted minds. They can, and they will manipulate people to get what they want. But if Matt's the traitor, then what if he's just trying to get us go against eachother? What if he's trying to make everyone think that he's not it? He was on the dark side before and he can surely do it again. Even if it wasn't happening right now; you could tell that this was going to tear everyone apart.

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