No Country For Old Men is a phenomenal book and movie. The characters are each creative and well thought out, and well portrayed on the silver screen.

But who would you be if you were thrown into this story? Without this handy, short quiz, it wouldn't be easy to find out. So, please take this quiz and tell me: Which No Country For Old Men character are you?

Created by: Madison Pilotte
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Is Your Weapon Of Choice?
  2. What Would You Prefer To Drive/Ride?
  3. What Matters The Most?
  4. What Is Your Reaction To A Dead Dog?
  5. What Is Your Dream In Life?
  6. You Stumble, Bleeding, Down A Road And See Two People. You Ask For A Shirt. How Do They Respond?
  7. Did You Serve In The Gulf War And/Or Iraq?
  8. What Do You Like To Drink?
  9. What Do You Do In Your Free Time?
  10. What Is Your Opinion Of My First Quiz?

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