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  • Well that's good, I never had any feelings for him in that way. Anyways, I was mostly surprised by the dream and the fact that Rosella knows about Ashley. CRAAAZZZYYY but I digres. Oh and who doesn't love pancakes? I mean come on, pancakes are the rulers of the breakfast tables. Don't deny your ever growing desires for pancakes, they will rule the world with a syrup covered fist and sprinkle the world with chocolate chips and other assorted fruits OF DOOM... sorry it's late I'm kind of drunk on fatigue right now. Where were we? Oh right I'm going to talk about Derek for a bit, see the reason I never reall fell for him was because he came off as... well a jerk to me and I don't like jerks. I eat jerks for breakfast along with my evil overlord pancakes. So point is, yeah didn't really like him because of that. Now I'm wondering what the heck happened? and why did we get seperated? and... yeah question heaven WHOO HOO Okay I'm kind of spaced out right now, but my point is I'm glad I don't like jerks. So as for Chris... yeah I've got nothing What was with the rings? Is Gollum coming later? (LOL I love Lord of The Rings jokes) Okay hold on I'm going to back track a bit. I will say this for Chris (ha rhyming) he's a nice guy and he cares about Rosella. That being said, I still don't know what he's about. I mean he's cool but I'm still wanting answers. Anyways, I would like another guy to come into the story please (if you can) because I like stories with four or more guys in them. I dunno, just personal preference you don't have to it's just a suggestion. ANYWAYS I'm going to part 11 Later *does the spock hand*

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • *head drops desk* *mumbles* oh great, he's the brother. Darn ittt >.< um... well that's awkward XD sooo skimming over that (you best do some explaining, missy in the next part) :O Chris wasted perfectly good pancakes >:/ rings? inscribed with Rosella's name and Chris's? Hmmm... oo oo yes, another guy ;) (since I can't have Dreak v.v)


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