Don't leave me hanging part 21

Welcome to the twenty-first part of my first story quiz! If you haven't read the others, you might want to. Twenty-first part! I'm excited ;D In the second-to-last question of this part is a description of an event you can participate in! Remember detailed descriptions of the guys are in part 19 at the end and in the comments.

Recap: You've spent a week training as a wolf with Marisa and visiting Kris and Jack. Throughout the week, you've been having strange dreams with a light and a voice. Jack has finally woken up from his coma, and you're with him for the first time in a week.

Created by: xxblutixx

  1. "Did... she just..." you start, unsure how exactly to phrase your thoughts. 'Did your mom just encourage you to spend alone time with a girl and a bed in a locked room' or 'Does your mom think you need romantic help' both describe what's on your mind, but you don't think either would be the politest thing to say. Jack is chuckling under his breath and shaking his head. "My mom is really just... something else," he says, "She thinks I desperately need a girlfriend. Meanwhile, she keeps telling me to focus on saving the world from Blake." "Yeahhh... your mom is quite the character; I've noticed," you comment. Jack laughs, "That's the understatement of the year." He sits sideways on the cot so that his legs are hanging from the side of the bed and gestures for you to sit next to him.
  2. You sit down as you ask, "So do you know why you were out for so long?" "Yeah, Logan reopened my wound with his magic-infused dagger, and one of his wolves that attacked me had poison-laced teeth," Jack explains rather nonchalantly as if he was just listing what was for dinner. You're a little more emotional as you exclaim, "What???" Jack lifts up his shirt to show you the long line of bandages that follows the line of his scar almost exactly. "Does it still hurt? Will you be okay?" you inquire, worried about his health. "Look at you, concerned about me," the corner of his mouth turns up in a teasing half-smile, "I'm fine, but Logan's really the worst you can get from Blake's inner circle of commanders."
  3. "So I noticed," you comment dryly. "_______," he looks you straight in your eyes, "I'm going to make sure we take Logan out. Anyone who dares to hurt you..." Jack trails off, but you can see in his eyes that he really means what he said. You're struck as you realize that he actually cares about you... a lot. You avert your eyes to your feet, embarrassed and unsure what to think, as you mumble out a "Thanks". Jack lifts your chin up gently so that you're facing him again. "You deserve a thanks too, ______. Thank you for giving me company while I was out... I thought I heard your voice at times through all the dark silences." You're drawn in by his blue eyes that show so much care for you, and you can't help but think that this is the perfect set-up for a kiss...
  4. The door flies open. "Jackie!" It's Emilia. She flutters her light gray wings as she jumps excitedly, her coppery braid of hair makes a perfect arc in the air every time."Great to see you up! I really do hate being out of the loop," she pouts, "But at least I do have perfect timing!" "Oh," Jack says and turns to face her, seeming surprised, "Hi Emmy. Why are you here? Your cover hasn't been blown has it?" "What? Seeing me has to be a bad thing?" she giggles and comes up to Jack, getting in between you and him. You shift out of her way, and she turns around. "Oh. Hi... um..." she says to you, the expression in her gray eyes turning from excitement to boredom. "Hi Emilia; it's _______," you remind her. "Right," she says and turns back to Jack.
  5. "Actually, Jack, I've got in-for-maaaa-tionnnn," she sings, "Set up a team meeting, so I can share!" "Sure," he agrees, getting up off the bed, "I'll hold it in the living room. _______ and I will meet you there." Emilia raises an eyebrow at you, not a very friendly look, but she says, "Okay, Jackie, see you in a bit, glad you're good!" She gives Jack a peck on the cheek and flies out of the room.
  6. "I'll send the message out to the others, then we can go out to the living room," he explains to you. Jack shrugs out of his shirt, closes his eyes, and, within a minute, is in his magical form. His single pale gold wing flares out and folds back, but his eyes remain closed. The chain necklace around his neck begins to glow, casting a golden light on his face, as if he were an angel. You quietly wait for him to finish whatever he's doing, trying unsuccessfully not to stare occasionally. Finally, he opens his eyes and returns to normal. "Okay, I reached everyone," he explains as he pulls his t-shirt over his head, "Let's go, ______."
  7. When you get to the living room, you see Emilia lying on the 3-seater sofa with her wings outstreched, watching Jersey Shore. "You know you're barely old enough to watch that," Jack comments. She turns off the TV and launches off the sofa, landing neatly on Jack's shoulders. "For your information, mister, you're not my father, and I'm perfectly old enough," she says. "Mhmm," Jack says, not sounding conviced, dumping her on the sofa. Emilia frowns, then playfully sticks her tongue out at him, "It doesn't matter anyway. Blake's house has the same things going on." Jack rolls his eyes, "Remind me again why I sent a 13-year-old deep undercover into Blake's territory?" "I'll be 14 in a month," she says huffily, "And it's because I'm sweet, and cute, and innocent." Emilia winks as if to prove her point. "And good at lying," Cory laughs as he enters the room.
  8. "Oh newbie, don't pretend like you know anything," Emilia grumbles, but Cory just grins and replies easily, "Oh, I know more than you think I do." Emilia ignores Cory, so he sits in the recliner, popping out the leg part and pretending to sleep. "Emmy!" Stella greets Emilia as she walks into the room with Justin following behind her. Stella and Emilia hug then Emilia goes up to Justin. She narrows her eyes as if examining him, "Who are you? You do not belong here." Justin looks confused as he says, "I'm a friend of Stella and _______. I know what's go-" Emilia cuts him off, "So? You're full-blooded human. You're not welcome here no matter who you know." Justin looks unsure how to respond, so you step in for him, "Jack's told him everything. Justin is a part of the team now." Emilia turns to look at you, "Oh, like you are... I see," but it sounds like she means the exact opposite.
  9. Before you can say anything back to her snide response, she continues talking, "Only Kris is just missing now, unless we've started recruiting anyone else off the street. Does anyon-" "I've been here as long as Cory has," Kris comments, cutting Emilia off. He's leaning against the wall behind the sofa with his arms crossed and his expression unreadable, like usual. "Oh I thought you might've been sleeping in your coffin," Emilia says with a mischievious look on her face. Kris's jaw seems to tighten as if he's holding back something he wants to say, but, other than that, he has no reaction. "Emmy..." Jack starts, but Emilia cuts him off, "That was a joke people, gosh, calm down. Anyway, everyone's here, so-" Emilia gets cut off again, but this time it's from Marisa's razor sharp voice, "Forgetting a couple more I believe."
  10. Emilia turns, looking confused, and says with what seems like strained politeness, "Oh, Marisa, great to see you again. Who called you here?" "Can't say the same about you, Ms. Emilia, and my pack is an extension of this team, as you very well know, meaning Jack did," Marisa responds. Marisa, Eva, and Max sit down and a charged silence follows that Jack breaks by saying, "Emmy, you can begin now." Emilia shifts on the sofa and sits up straighter before she begins...
  11. "As you all should know, I work undercover, and my position is pretty high. I get to hear new intel and plans from the central team almost right away. Recently, a very special artifact has been acquired. I'm sure you can guess what I'm talking about?" Emilia pauses for a moment. "Yes, the spirit medallion. He must have found a piece. Continue, Emmy," Jack answers. "Actually, Jack, a whole necklace was found. One of the accompanying necklaces from the network of the spirit medallion. Blake's very excited, and he's going to hold a party to celebrate." "Good and all to know how fast the Blakemaster is advancing, but why do all of us need to hear this?" Cory asks. Emilia rolls her eyes at him, "I wouldn't expect you to realize the opportunity, Cory. The necklace is going to be displayed at the party which is at one of Blake's houses. The party is a masquerade ball and like all of Blake's parties there is going to be a lot of alcohol, meaning this is the perfect opportunity to infiltrate the party and take the necklace. We can't let Blake keep it because even without the Milia, there are other ways for him to take out a couple of those trapped immortals if he had the main medallion."
  12. "When is the party?" Marisa asks. "In 5 days," Emilia responds, "But I think your pack should stay out of it. Logan is the only one with a sizable werewolf force, and he knows each one. You three would stick out because there aren't many other werewolves high enough to be invited to this party." Marisa glares at Emilia, "Okay." Her pack and Cory start to exit, but Emilia calls out to Cory, "Oh Cory, stay. Someone with a personality like yours would blend right in. Besides, you've been with the team for 3 months and haven't even had a proper mission yet. This can be your first." Marisa's pack continues to exit, without a backwards glance, but Cory comes back. "Okay, I'm in," he declares. "Good," Emilia smiles, "Now, if we have too many people in, it could get suspicious, but I think Stella and... the Milia should definitely come because single ladies are always welcome at Blake's house." "Party, dresses, and cute guys? You don't even need to ask for the answer, Emmy, _______ and I are both in," Stella exclaims.
  13. "Stella!" Jack protests, and, at the same time, Kris speaks up, "No!" "What's up with you two?" Emilia asks, "It makes sense." "Emmy," Jack starts, "Stella can't go; she's Blake's cousin. He knows her, so it'd be too easy for her cover to be blown. And bringing _______ into Blake's house is the worst thing we could do. Especially when it's full of the most talented members of his team!" Emilia looks unimpressed, "Jackie, it's a masquerade ball. That means throughout the whole party, masks need to be kept on. No one will know their identities; that's why it's such a great time to come in." "No, Emilia," Kris says, "A mask alone cannot protect _______. She's going to be in the house of the enemy, and she's only had one short session of training in her regular magical form. The change will be disorienting and unsafe for _______ even if it the house wasn't full of people dying to get her. Not to mention that she'll have no backup because she has no way to communicate with anyone since she has no necklace or telepathy and no one going in can be seen too often with each other."
  14. "Oh, you worry too much," Emilia complains, "I'm telling you though, if we don't get the necklace now, you're going to be worrying a lot more later if Blake gets the main medallion. I snuck a peek at the necklace they just got, and do you know what it contained? Vampires. Angry ones. Oh and a smattering of p***** off werewolves with just a sprinkle of deranged fallen angels. So, personally, I think, we need to go to this ball. It's going to be our earliest and best chance of getting this necklace. I know for a fact that, after the ball, the necklace is being transferred to the special underground vault under Blake's Headquarters complex. It's untouchable there. The last person who tried sneaking something out of there was a high ranked commander looking for gold, but ended up as a pile of ashes in less than half a second when he was 50 feet away from the entrance to the first of door of the first level of the vault. So yeah, it's not a choice of whether we're going to do this or not, but who's coming."
  15. "You're not the team leader, Emilia," Kris comments, "It's not your choice to decide." Emilia opens her mouth to reply, but Jack speaks, "I can see Emilia is... right. She has expertise in the area of what is going on with Blake's side. If she says this is our best time, it's our only time, and we have to act. We can't allow the other side to possess such a dangerous artifact, but I wish there was another way to do it." "There isn't," Emilia butts in, "Security will be tight outside. It'll be a little less inside, and the easiest way to get inside is to be part of the party. I'll be able to bring girls in with me without suspicion, but Cory will have to pretend he was just recruited." "And what about Jack and I?" Kris asks, "If _______ is going, we will both be there." "And what about me?" Justin pipes up, "I'm not going to be left behind again."
  16. "That's too many people," Emilia says, and she gestures at Justin, "And whoever you are, there is no chance you're coming. At any event at Blake's everyone is going to be in magical form. Besides, you'd make an easy target for any of the many semi-vampires that will be there." "Kris and I will be going. We'll come up with a cover later, but we are going," Jack says firmly, and what he says next surprises you, "As for Justin, I know that if I ban him from coming, Stella will bring him anyway, so it's probably safer if we all just agree ahead of time and set up a plan that includes him." Emilia looks 5 times more astonished and protests, "But he has no magical form." "As I remember, there is a commander of Blake's that has no magical form, what's his name again? If asked, I'm sure we can fake something," Jack explains. "It's Remy," Emilia mutters looking less than happy. "Everything is set then," Jack says, "Meeting dismissed."
  17. Stella skips around excitedly, "Party! Come on, _______, there isn't a moment to waste, we have to go dress shopping! Oh, Emmy, you come too!" "Sorry, Ellie. I've got my dress already. Oh, so you know, just get a regular formal dress and pair it with a mask, don't go too outrageous or you'll stick out. I'm out, back to the other side before they get suspicious. I'll be back to pick you people up five days from now, but Owen might come tomorrow to go over the plan," Emilia says, and she leaves. You breathe an internal sigh of relief that Emilia won't be around since she doesn't seem to like you much at all. "Great, how are we going to get to the store, though?" you ask, "Neither of us drives and it might be a bit suspicious if you just teleport into a store." Stella thinks for a moment before she smiles mischieviously, "I can't teleport our dresses back with us after we're done shopping, so I know another way..." "Oh no, I know that look," you say...
  18. So I need some female characters for the masquerade ball (which is probably going to be part 24 or 25), so I'm opening it up to everyone. Just comment with a name, physical description, costume, mask, whether they're on the "good" or "bad" side, and you can add a personality description if you'd like for your character. Ideally, I'd like a female character for each main guy (Kris, Jack, Cory, and Justin), so in your character description, you can also add which guy they like best (guys like Owen, Blake, Logan, etc. count too). Any character created will make it in the story; I'm taking all creations :) If you'd rather, you can also create a male character, but he'd have to be on Blake's side.
  19. Sooo last question as always: Whose result would you like?

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