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  • Agent: C419

    Definitely my favorite out of the ones there were. Seriously though, took me an entire ten minutes just to remember the order of the name. #slowmind xD

    Anyways.... Fun quiz.

    I've always wanted to be a spy, ever since I read this book series 'Spy School' and then, I began writing my own series in a notebook (ok, honestly, I have fifteen large notebooks filled with one series I made. Lol) Sad thing is, now I'm plagued with freakin spy dreams everytime I fall asleep. ( it's been happening for about half a year.) and this, children, is why you don't write spy novels at 1 A. m. In the morning.

  • Agent: 5049BRC
    Cool Quiz XD

    • Thanks! I worked hard and I'm glad you liked it!