What would be your spy code name? (For all genders!)

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Almost everyone, at some point, imagines being a spy. But what's a good code name? So many good ones have been used so often, and now they're clichΓ©d.

So come see some not-used code names, some longer, some shorter, some medium sized, but they're all good ones. So replace the light bulb in your flashlight and come search for some code names.

Created by: Weirdhead

  1. You're in a robber's house, sneaking around, finding their hidden loot so the bank can have its money back. You quietly, quietly sneak to their vault. What happens next?
  2. Which letter or number is your favorite?
  3. Long or short code name?
  4. Serious or odd?
  5. Which letter or number?
  6. Do you like code names easy to remember?
  7. Pick four emojis.
  8. Pick an emoticon.
  9. Which alias sounds most appealing?
  10. Spy or soldier?

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Quiz topic: What would be my spy code name? (For all genders!)