Could You Rob A House?

Have you ever looked at a theif and wondered how easy it was to be them? Well now you can find out how they do it and see if you too can rob a house...

Take this fun quiz to experience being a robber. Live their story. But remember one thing... Being a robber isn't as easy as it seems. So know you must be careful.

Created by: Agentj

  1. What is a word you would use to describe yourself? Oh, and please be honest! If you lie, the test results may not come out correctly. Thanks!
  2. What's a bad quality about yourself?
  3. Ok, now let's start the action!
  4. Do you have a plan ready before you go?
  5. What time are you going to rob the house?
  6. You break in to discover that they have a dog. What do you do?
  7. After dealing with the dog, you must search for some valuables. What do you take?
  8. How long will you stay in the house for?
  9. What's your escape vehicle?
  10. The next morning the robbery is all over the news. Police investigate you. What's your story?
  11. Was your story prepared ahead of time, or made up when the police came?
  12. Does anybody else know about your crime?
  13. Were you completely honest with the first question??? (The one where you were asked to describe yourself in one word)
  14. So... between me and you, do you feel that you were caught?
  15. What was the most important thing in robbing the house?
  16. -LAST QUESTION- Did you commit this crime alone?

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