Just wanted to talk about Lauren Daigle.

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Created by: Weirdhead

  1. Okay, first, this is in test format because that's what I clicked. Honestly, only Lauren Daigle and God know the true answers. So, even if you get 0%, you are not wrong as far as I know.
  2. I personally believe she a Christian a little gone off the track. I will make my points and you can choose to agree or disagree with them. These are just my thoughts.
  3. Point number one: her attire on the red carpet may just have been so unmodest because she just didn't know what to where, or saw that dress and thought it was pretty and wore it to the red carpet before she realized it wasn't modest.
  4. Point number two: her not once mentioning Jesus in the Billboard video is probably because it's hard to share our faith sometimes.
  5. Point number three: her saying she doesn't know whether being gay is a sin or not is probably a result of loving on gays even though they're gays, which is the Jesus thing to do.
  6. I watched a video on YouTube where a woman basically said, "Lauren Daigle not knowing if being gay is a sin or not is WRONG. And we need to be kind to her because she doesn't know the right thing, and because she doesn't realize that pretending to be Christian when you're not is horrible. She's a fraud, but we need to be kind." Like, really? That's just-- never mind.
  7. Now, I'd hated her music for forever because her voice was... annoying. But when I watched her "You Say" Official Music Video on YouTube, I knew her faith was genuine. I could just tell by her expression, face, everything said, "I'm a Christian." And ever since then, I've loved her and defended her. (There's this whole YouTube conflict about whether she's a Christian or not.)
  8. I personally believe she went a little off track when she said her music (and not GOD through her music) stopped people from suicide.
  9. Please rate, like, and comment your thoughts! I know my thoughts are not everybody's, so let me know yours!
  10. Baiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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