Can you relate???? (Girls only.)

Explanation: I'm going to have a bunch of questions telling things I do or have done. If you can relate, I'm sorry. If you can't, good for you! You don't want to relate to me.

And now I have to do this paragraph. Lala lala Elmo's Song! Lala lala Elmo's Song! He loves to sing, lala, Elmo's Song. Lalala lalala Elmo's Song! I'm done now.

Created by: Weirdhead
  1. I wear my nice dress shoes all the time so I don't have to wear tennis shoes and tie them.
  2. I just locked myself outta my phone.
  3. I'm so plain-looking, yet my face glows when I smile.
  4. I cry over my leftover chicken when it's given to someone else.
  5. I got so attached to my mom's car that I asked my dad for the license plate when it broke down.
  6. I hate cars with small windows, or putting my bed under shady windows.
  7. I love most veggies.
  8. I can only identify one constellation. (Orion)
  9. I hope the boy I hate likes me so I can crush his hopes.
  10. Ta-taaaa!!!!!

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Quiz topic: Can I relate???? (Girls only.)