Do you know moi?

DO you know me?????????? And now I'm filling up space here because I have to. Pizza rolls. Dogs are gross. Lalala! Elmo, Snuffy, Cookie Monster. Not done yet. Now I'm done.

Filling up space here. Lalala how are you, dear? Do you think you know me? No? That's what I thought! Lalala!!!! Something, something, something. Dadeeda!

Created by: Weirdhead

  1. First, what hair color is my color?
  2. Am I
  3. I have
  4. I like
  5. Which one do I want to be most?
  6. I have
  7. My fav meal is
  8. I prefer it when people spell it
  9. My fav book series is
  10. Ta-ta!

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Quiz topic: Do I know moi?