How well do you know Cookie Monster?!

This quiz is designed to see how well you know me, Cookie Monster AND how well you listen. Don't worry about having to know everything, it is a pretty specific quiz and isn't super easy.

In just a couple of seconds, you will find out how well you know me! Wow aren't you excited? Because I sure am! Some helpful hints: Try to think from my point of view. Not necessarily what you think I would ACTUALLY do, rather what I think I would do. which is actually what I actually would do so...nevermind.

Created by: Charlie
  1. What is my full name?
  2. Which one is my birth date?
  3. My SPENDING money comes from:
  4. What color would you never see me wear?
  5. My 'lil sis'- Rachel or Ann
  6. My ex-roommate: Okey, Porter, or David
  7. My partner in crime when it comes to heffering Mcdonalds:
  8. My brother's name is Stephen. He is 3 years in age number younger than I am. He bought me a Xbox 360 for Christmas. True or false?
  9. I currently work at the hospital as a:
  10. Who does not belong on this list?
  11. I am well known for all of these things except:
  12. I buy comics all the time. Are they DC or Marvel?
  13. When I am finished with school I want to be a:
  14. Which one of these celebrities would prevent me from wanting to see a movie?
  15. Who is not on my top 8? (Don't look)
  16. (5 more to go) Charlie walks into a situation where Ann, Rachel, and Katy are arguing about who has the biggest butt. What would he do?
  17. Charlie meets up with Chris M., Porter, Erin Nagle, and Charles Dority at the movies. Chris really wants to see a comedy. Porter kinda wants to see an action. Erin shrugs and suggests the fantasy. Charles needs to take a Xanax if they see horror. Wh
  18. Charlie walks into a situation where a few friends are playing Cranium. Who would he choose to be his partner?
  19. CURRENTLY, my favorite device while I am at school is:
  20. Which one of these people would Charlie never want to fight for fear of losing?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Cookie Monster?!