Are you a Media Monster?

Are you a Media Monster? Find out which kind of media monster you are and how effectively you are using your media. This multiple choice question will analyse your media use and skills, determining which media monster you are!

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Created by: Clemi Hardie
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  1. Do you use the Internet to access information?
  2. Do you often get persauded by adverts?
  3. Do you use interactive features attached to programmes?
  4. Do you understand the techniques used to create meaning in TV and radio?
  5. Do you control what you see, read and hear - in terms of what it is (content) and how much (amount)?
  6. Do you evaluate the source of information or a programme?
  7. Do you understand how the news you see is selected?
  8. Do you create audio and video content?
  9. Do you share content online with your friends?
  10. Do you take part in social networking and blogging?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Media Monster?