what monster are you

people dont know they have an inner monster, whether your a vampire, werewolf, or a shapeshifter. it is a proven fact that your personality contains these answeres.

what kind of monster are you? vampire, werewolf, or are you a shapeshifter. thake this quiz and find out. you may be surprised on what you find out. you may like what you find in you darkest soul.

Created by: corey of this site
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  1. what do you do to attract someone to you?
  2. do you like day or night?
  3. do you like outdoor parties or in door parties.
  4. are you passive or aggressive.
  5. do you sleep better at night, or day?
  6. what is a turn on to you?
  7. what do you hate the most?
  8. what do you think your inner monster is?
  9. what do you do when you are alone?
  10. what animal do you like best.

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Quiz topic: What monster am I