What Monster Truck Are You ?

Momster Trucks !!! So What Monster Truck Are You ?.. Find Out If You A Arrogant Anry Stupid Ass Or Him Your Just A Humble Postive Awsome Person Or If You Are A Little Of Both, But You just Go With The Flow !

Have You Been There & done It All Already ? Do You Stomp Whoever Is In Your Path Along The Way Or Do you Just Sit Back & Go With He Flow. Dop You Know What You Want & Or Do You Just Go With The Flow ? Answer Yes or No !

Created by: Mullets and Budwiser
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  1. Are You A Go-Getter Or Lazy ?
  2. Do You Want Be The Star Of The Show ?
  3. Do You Like Drama ?
  4. Do You Think You Know Everything About Everything ?
  5. Do People Think Your Cool ?
  6. Have You Ever Cheated to Win ?
  7. Do You To Be Included In Things ?
  8. Are You Arrogant ?
  9. Do You To Make People Feel Good ?
  10. Do You Even Like Monster Trucks ?

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Quiz topic: What Monster Truck am I ?