The Life of A Coffee Filter: Part Dos! (Two)

Okay. I finally got this out. I'm sorry it was so late but I had other series to write so I forgot. Anyway, it's out so go read. Bananananananananananananana

nanas are awesome! Monkeys. Ooh.. Elmo!!! No... Snuffleupagus. My favorite muppet. Lalala Snuffy's song! lalala Snuffy's song! He loves the music, he loves the words! That's Snuffy's SOOOONG!! Okay, I'm quitting now.

Created by: Weirdhead

  1. As Liliana put her new reusable coffee filter, Wiggly, in the machine, she sighed. "I wish I could just have one day without you two fighting," she said to Rip and Craft. "But crafts are a worthier.. um.... thing than coffee! Aren't they?" Craft asked Liliana. "That depends on your point of view!" chirped Coffee. "Quite right. And thank you Wiggly. It's time for bed for all of you." "Awwwwww…..!" came up from the filters. "No complaining."
  2. Okey! Which emoji is best???
  3. Coffee or craft???
  4. Smiles or frowns?
  5. Are you a lazybones?
  6. Do you like moving?
  7. Do you consider yourself awesome?
  8. Are you helpful?
  9. Comment?
  10. Rate/like?

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