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Hai. I wanted to do a shoutout quiz before I have to leave for most of the summer, so I decided to do one today. I only did ten shoutouts, but if I know you or you've taken a quiz or two of mine and I forgot to put you, please comment and I'll add you!

Hope you are in there if you are known by me. Please got take this, comment, rate, like, y'know. All that stuff. See ya 'round, good Gotoquiz user!!!!

Created by: Weirdhead

  1. First shoutout goes to ghettobabe4ever, (who doesn't use the forums, so you may not know her) because she was the first gotoquiz user I knew, and she has taken pretty much all my quizzes. She is the best.
  2. Second shoutout goes to Houndlover, another gotoquiz user. (she's used the forums, like, once so you may not know her) She's taken a lot of my quizzes as well, and she's super nice. Thank you a lot, HL.
  3. Third shoutout goes to Ericat, the only gotoquiz user who would rp with me. She's also one of the sweetest, and she takes a good amount of my quizzes, so thanks so much, Ericat!
  4. Fourth shoutout goes to Magie Magic, because even though I don't really know her, she seems nice.
  5. Fifth shoutout goes to DJ Cecilia (Sorry if I misspelled that) for being part of Team Chill and letting me into Team M.U.S.I.C.
  6. Sixth shoutout goes to Bloom2, for being part of Team Chill.
  7. Seventh shoutout goes to Paige_ for being part of Team Chill and being the gotoquiz user who talked to me most on the forums.
  8. Eight shoutout goes to Aby47. I don't really know you, but you seem nice.
  9. Ninth shoutout goes to Dark22978 because of being a good mod.
  10. Tenth shoutout to Zephrroi. They've taken a lot of my quizzes and I'm really grateful.
  11. Eleventh shoutout goes to...… me. I'm kidding. It goes to GTQ Guy for making the site.

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