Which 2012 TMNT Turtle Are You?

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I was watching the 2012 TMNT on DVD the other day, and wanted to make this quiz. You can be high-tec Donnie, pizza-loving Mikey, short-tempered Raph, or level-headed Leo.

I've also seen the 2007 TMNT and sincerely believe that this one brings more spirit to the turtles. Each of these questions has an effect, so please don't skip any. Enjoy, and please rate and comment!

Created by: Weirdhead

  1. Do you like computer-y stuff and inventing?
  2. Do you have a crush on someone?
  3. Are/were you a only child, oldest child, middle child, or youngest child?
  4. Do people consider you goofy or funny?
  5. Do you like talking and spending time with your friends?
  6. Do others consider you annoying?
  7. Do you like skateboarding?
  8. Has anyone ever told you that you are a good leader?
  9. Do you feel like you have a good sense of truth?
  10. Is there one TV show you like more than any other on the planet, and that will never change?
  11. Has anyone told you/do you feel like you have a good sense of instinct?
  12. Do you ever ask someone older and wiser than you about thing when you are in doubt?
  13. Do you think you're short-tempered?

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Quiz topic: Which 2012 TMNT Turtle am I?